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How to open a map.

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Created12.02.2015 21:12

David Wilson (Unknown) 12.02.2015 21:14
hey there, whenever I try to open the original i3d map from fs15 I cannot find it, whenever I go into programs (x86)....farmingsimulator15 does not come up as an option to open?
I am new to this whole modding thing, so right now I really haven't a clue!

if anyone could help thanks!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.02.2015 14:28

maybe you installed the game to a different location?
The location might also differ if you use steam.


Thijs Van Der Kooij (Unknown) 23.02.2015 11:29

maybe you have the map in a .zip file?
you can copy the files that are in the .zip map and paste them in a normal map

Charlie Thorn (mightyCharlie) 18.03.2016 18:23
hi I have the same problem and like you very new to all this lol I use steam and got the game from them, I can find the folder it seems to use including the mod folder but cant seem to find any i3d folders so there for cant load any maps or anything into GE because that is the only file it seems to use grrrrr

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 21.03.2016 07:47

please have alook at our video tutorials, they explain the first steps neccessary to get started.

So, there are plenty of i3d files in the base game directory, but you should never, really NEVER edit them in the place they are.
Always create a mod in your mods folder first!


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