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Created20.02.2015 12:30

Tony Price (brownthumb) 20.02.2015 12:46
have ?. how does one eliminate the old mesh after new one is made, or better yet how does one stop the new animals from going to edge of new mesh looking toward old mesh and never moving again? or when i buy one of each, one will go to new pasture and other 2 will go to their respective old mesh, what am i doing wrong? have followed tutorial. no errors in either editor or game logs. would appreciate any help.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 20.02.2015 13:42

starting from scratch you would have to:
- paint the new area for teh husbandry
- select the husbandry in the scenegraph
- finally "Recreate" the navigation mesh (this will replace the existing one

Note: Only one husbandry per animal type is allowed/supported.


Tony Price (brownthumb) 20.02.2015 14:38
Hi Emil,

thanks for replying, am starting from scratch, have made new mesh for each husbandry, 1 ea. for cows, sheep, chickens, have followed the tutorial directions step by step. the tutorial say's select old nav mesh in scenegraph, you say select the husbandry, is that where i'm going wrong?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.02.2015 08:38

ups ... i meant the navigation mesh not the husbandry.


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