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Bushes, crops in foliagelayer

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Created25.02.2015 10:13

N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 25.02.2015 10:23

Implemented some "paintable" bushes, trees, flowers, etc. into my map (working properly).
One of the bushes removable ingame with plow, etc. I'd like to change the other implemented crops for that "feature", with no success. I've checked the removable bush: it has same attributes with the other 2 bushes (fruitgrowthshader, etc) except the density and textureid.
What should i do to change the other crops make "removable" ingame?

Ingame screenshots:


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.02.2015 08:56

did you insert the new layers into different "FoliageMultiLayers"?
If yes, try to place them in the first FoliageMulti


N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 26.02.2015 13:58
Thanks for reply!

They were in separate FoliageMulti, with separate densityId, and separate .grle.

I've tried your advise.
Moved two bushes into first Foliagemulti. In GE, when i've tried to paint different type of bushes, it placed 2 types of bush at same location. In game isn't removable .

I've exported this part of the map01.i3d into a text file, it's availabe on the previous post Google Drive link. I've zipped the map too, if the information isn't enough.

Btw is there any "foliagemultilayer guide" exists somewhere?

Appreciate your help!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.02.2015 16:28

honestly speaking I just had a very wuick look at your map ... for testing I#ld say that there are too many layers inside already.

So, I did a short test ...

- take the default Bjornholm map and export it as a mod map (using modMapSDK)
- open the map01.i3d with a texteditor (n++)
- go to the first FoliageMultiLayer
- Note: by default there are only two FoliageMultiLayers, the first one is for the crops/grass/potato/...
- now I copied (inserted/appended) the line of the forestGrass in the next FoliageMultiLayer into the first MultiLayer
- two attributes have to be added: <FoliageSubLayer name="forestGrassDeletable" densityMapTypeIndex="9" densityMapChannelOffset="8" ......
the rest of the line might remain as it is, but i changed the material to let the deletable forest grass use the "windrowFoliageShader"

- open map with GE
- place some deletable forestGrass
- ingame test worked

- Note: it only works if you place the fruit on a 'valid field' (on top of terrainDetail), because the cultivator (that was my testing tool) only destroys fruits on 'valid fields'

Hope you can use that information somehow ...

As stated above ...
I would start with a completly empty map and add layer by layer ... test, add next layer, etc.

Note: Other layers might have been deleted/destroyed because your map makes use of custom scripts!


N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 26.02.2015 19:37
Thanks for the advice, it's working like charm!

Best regards: n0tr3adY

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