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Problems with GE 6.0.3 (creating a map)

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Created27.02.2015 00:21

Alain Lambert (Vespel) 27.02.2015 00:28
Hello dear GDN community.
First sorry for my bad english,
i am creating my first map,it's been a long time that i would like to create a map,for now i have spending nearly 200 hours,so each time i put new buildings,roads etc... i put it in my mods folder for some testing and everything works fine.But now when i exit the game,it freeze or Giants stop working.I have check the log in my document and in the appData but there is no errors,so i have no idea what i have doing wrong,and i spent too much time to give it up.I hope you have a solution for this.Many thanks for any help provided.
Best regards Alain

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.02.2015 10:36

when the game does not shut down correctly it is very likely caused by mods.

So, please check if your map works when use no mods at all.
Just remove all mods from your mod folder except your map and test it.

If your map uses custom scripts, remove them too at first and re-activate them one after another.
That's a bit time consuming but you'll find the reason for your problem only this way ;)

You can create multiple mod directories and switch between them easily by editing the gameSettings.xml file, e.g.
<modsDirectoryOverride active="true" directory="C:/Users/edrefers/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/modsTesting" />


Alain Lambert (Vespel) 27.02.2015 23:11
Hello Emil,
thank you very much for replying me ;)
So if i'm unterstanting correctly some mods with custom script can conflict with my map or custom script like
-chopped straw
-green manure etc...

So i will follow your advice and i think it's because of these script mention above,i will follow your note too,thank you for the tips.I will give you a come back if something go wrong or evrything will be ok.

I would like also thank you for this great game you and all the peoples who works at Giants i know you are a little studio who works very hard and take your precious time to answer our questions at GDN Network so for all of this i thank you and all the help you provided.

PS:and sorry for my bad english

Best regards Alain

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