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Created27.02.2015 14:35

Tony Price (brownthumb) 27.02.2015 14:44
how does one update the little green map inside play map to match new map? how to get pics into the 3 spots at description part of map? how to assign fields, cant find the solution mentioned below in Ge 6.0.3? thanks for any help offered!

Alain Lambert (Vespel) 28.02.2015 00:09
For the 3 spots you mentionned if you use the SDK the name of the 3 images is

For the description it is located in the ModDesc file under

<text name="sampleModMapBriefingText1">
<en>write your stuff here.</en>
<de>write your stuff here.</de>
<text name="sampleModMapBriefingText2">
<en>write your stuff here.</en>
<de>write your stuff here</de>
<text name="sampleModMapBriefingText3">
<en>write your stuff here</en>
<de>write your stuff here</de>
For your first question i don't understand it,and for your last question take example in the original map if you don't have the trigger just export it from the original map.
Sorry for my bad english

Best regrads Alain

Tony Price (brownthumb) 01.03.2015 00:55
Hi Alain, thanks for your help, now know how to do the fields, what i meant with the little green map inside the play map was the little overlay in bottom left of screen when you are playing the game, when you press 9 it expands to show where every thing is, question is how do i get it to match the map that i have built? as for the spots for the 3 images i know where to put them , the how is the problem, i want to take images from inside the new map and put there.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 02.03.2015 11:29

to take screenshots ingame just hit the "print" key (on a german keyboard it's "druck").
This is a very common key, whcih can also be used in windows to make screenshots of any program/window or your entire desktop.

In case of FS is running and you hit that key a screenshot will be made and placed as a .PNG file in the following folder (on Win7):
C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2015\screenshots

To create an image of the map to be displayed ingame you can do the following:

a) take several screenshots from inside GE and snap them together in Photoshop or any other image editing program.
Note: You might want to adjust (raise) the clipDistance of several objects temporarily, or hide some objects - just play around and don't give up if the first try is not perfect. It needs some time to find the best settings etc.

b) convert the .grle files of your map (converter can be found in the download section) and merge them in Photoshop
Pro: might be easier, depending on your skills with image editing
Contra: You won't see any buildings/objects on the map, except you paint them ;)


Tony Price (brownthumb) 05.03.2015 05:29
Hi Emil, i think there might have been a misunderstanding, i am building a map using one of the empty sample mod maps, when i zip it and put it into the mod folder and start game it gives the load-up screen that says image 1, image 2,image 3, where you can take an image from inside the sample map and put there, have figured out how to do the written part of description in modesc, just can't figure out how to get the images there.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.03.2015 08:53

ah, i see.

As Alain already stated, there are three images in the modMap, namely:

Just replace them ;)

Images should be in DDS format. (PNG should work tough - but only use this format for a first test ;) )
DDS PlugIns for any image editing program of your choice should be available, at least for Photoshop and Gimp I know that they do exist.


Tony Price (brownthumb) 06.03.2015 14:01
what am i missing now? if i use png i get the with and height error, if i resize it i get raw format error, if i convert to dds errors go away but image is blurry. how do i clear up image in dds format?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.03.2015 17:01

the images should have a size of 512 (width) x 256 (height) and be in dds format (without mipmaps and in DXT1 format) - that's all ;)


Tony Price (brownthumb) 06.03.2015 22:37
Hi Emil

want to thank you for all your help, and mention to anyone else having the same problem that is an easy app to use and has built in dds file saver, thanks again!

Derek Latham (ragworm) 08.03.2015 09:56
when you go to mods and open your map you will see list map/vehicles carry on down and you
will see first_mapbriefing and so on what i did was rename my converted image to firstmap_
briefing and put in place of original.

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