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what am i doing wrong

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Created03.03.2015 21:46

Jim Hill (Unknown) 03.03.2015 21:48
I need help... when I import a mod using giants it shows up in game but it doesn't work it just turn into an object so I would like to know how to import a mod so it is functional

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.03.2015 08:55

it's a bit unclear what you are trying to do exactly.

But I'll assume the following:
You want to import a tractor (for example) so that it is there by default.

This can't be done by just importing the i3d file of a mod.
You need to edit the following file:
in your modMap directory.

Well, you can start a game buy all the vehicles which you want to have right fromt the start of a new savegame.
Then save this game in savegame slot X.
Open the folder savegameX and open the file vehicles.xml.

Now comapre the entries of the vehicles.xml file with the ones of the defaultVehicles.xml.
I guess you can figure out how to transfer a vehicle to the defaultVehicle.xml file.


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