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Problem installing GIANTS Editor 4.1.2 on Vista

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Created17.11.2009 13:40

Leta Megerssa (Unknown) 17.11.2009 13:40
i have been trying to install Giants editor version 4.1.2 on VISTA Operating System
But an error messages keeps on appearing which says

"could not init 3D system. Shader Model 2.0 is required

Please install the latest vedeo driver." and when i choose OK it freezes and shuts down. Where do i get the latest video driver version? Please, any help would be appiciated.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 23.11.2009 11:08
Hi Leta,

Does Farming Simulator 2009 run on your PC?


Leta Megerssa (Unknown) 24.11.2009 17:25
Hey Christain,
I only needed to use Ginats editor to open a LiDAR file which is stored as *.i3d format. So i am not sure why i would need the "Farming Simulator" and I have no idea what that is. It is just that i need to run the Giants Editor (4.1.2) which was sugggested to me by somebody, and i want to open the *.i3d formats and export them as objects to another application. But i could not run the Editor due to the mentioned bug, in the preivious post.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 24.11.2009 17:50
Hi Leta,

GIANTS Editor needs OpenGL with Shader Model 2.0. What graphics card do you have?


Jan Skov Pedersen (Unknown) 02.01.2011 04:24
where kan i download editor please help!!

Tobias Ronaldo (Unknown) 05.06.2011 20:00
How do I get the giants editor 4.1.2 ?

Stecki Steck (Unknown) 02.09.2011 14:42
Where I can download the giants editor 4.1.2?

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