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Created25.03.2015 02:33

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 25.03.2015 02:33
hello everyone,

I have a little concern for texture, I am under maya mod creator
I was a gap with the installation of normalmap once applied to export to maya is my i3d normalmap a blinn reacted not well it absorbs light without so reproject the almost black object, there is there a way to proceed with the creation of the normalmap ????

thank you to you.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.03.2015 09:28

a default material for a vehicle in FS15 is of type "Phong".
Color -> diffuse map
Bump Mapping -> normal map
Diffuse -> 1.0
Cosine Power -> 50
Spec. Color -> specular map
Reflectivity -> 1.0
Reflected Color -> CubemapRough

It is not obvoius what you did wrong.

So, just a general hint: the normalmap has to be assigned to the material in maya.


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