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Gray screen?

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Created28.03.2015 20:26

Jesse Romney (firegod) 28.03.2015 20:27
Hi, when i open up a Farming simulator 15 map it just has a gray screen, and cant see anything. please help me i really wan't to edit a map.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.03.2015 08:47

as stated in several posts in this forum one problem might be that the GIANTS editor does not support onboard graphics cards.
The game itself does support onboard graphics cards in a better way.

So if you have a laptop this might be the reason for the GIANTS editor not to load the map successfully.


Jesse Romney (firegod) 31.03.2015 05:46
So there is no fix for my problem? And yes I do have a laptop so if there is a fix please tell me so i can fix it, if not that's ok I can wait till i get a desktop.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 31.03.2015 09:04

it depends ... if your laptop has dedicated graphics card you might fix it.
Otherwise no.


Jesse Romney (firegod) 01.04.2015 00:04
OK im not sure what a dedicated graphics card is, my laptop is just from walmart. But if my laptop can work with it than thats ok i will just go get a new pc. Thanks tho. If it sill dose not work when i get a new pc i will ask agen.

Cole Huhnerkoch (Unknown) 02.04.2015 19:23

Are there any plans to fix the issue with integrated graphics cards ? There are tons of people like myself who can PLAY FS15 just fine on medium hardware profile but cannot edit even the simplest mod for FS15 because of the gray screen error. I don't understand how this is possible??

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.04.2015 08:47

that's possible because the game has a fallback mode.
If OpenGL can't be run in the requested mode it uses DirectX.
The Editor does not have this feature.
If however the editor will get this feature in the (near) future is something I can't say for sure.
It might/should ... but I can't guarantee anything ;)


Steffan Korsholm (Korsholm) 08.10.2015 21:19
I hop e editor will have this feature soon..... This might loose a lot of fans

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