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fault in GE 6.0.3

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Created02.04.2015 15:48

Wessel Van De Pol (Unknown) 02.04.2015 15:56
I discovered a fault with Giants ediotor 6.0.3.
this version of GE corupts the file when you open a .i3d with an animation and when you save it, it gets corruptut.
the problem is that the editor deletes an > in the animation text, this causes the coruption of the file.
when you open the .i3d in notepad, and open it again in GE then everything is fine, but as soon as you save it again, it gets corrupted al over again.

are there any sollution available? greets Nl dark W Nl.

p.s. an image to describe the problem:

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.04.2015 08:35

this problem can't be reproduced, because the GE saves animations inside an external file and not inside the i3d itself.


James Biddulph (Unknown) 14.04.2015 19:35
This usually happens when using an old model from, lets say, FS 2013 as the animation is NOT in an i3d file but is in the raw animation format. You will need to redo the animations in your preferred 3D model program and export it in the new format.

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