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Converting Vehicles from FS13 to FS15?

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Created07.04.2015 20:09

Marko Bujos (Unknown) 07.04.2015 20:12
So, i changed:
<modDesc descVersion="12"> to "21"
<machineType>tractors</machineType> to <category>tractors</category>
CustomShader version="2" to "3"
Ok, i see mods in store but i cant buy it! It say "the vehicle/implement could not be purchased".
What i did wrong?

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 07.04.2015 21:34
FS 2013 to FS 15 it's not easy like was FS 2011 to FS 2013.
You need more changes in the moddesc file than that, and you need to change some things in the xml file, like wheels setup, links for the dynamic wheels, new attacher types, etc. etc. etc.
Look for tutorials in google or if you want to challenge yourself try to compare the moddesc and xml file from the FS15 sample mod (buhrer) and your original FS 2013 mod tractor you are trying to convert, and see the changes between them.

Marko Bujos (Unknown) 07.04.2015 22:18
Thank you!
Ill try that.
I watched tutorials on YT but only i see is this (on my first post). Can you post some tutorial which works on vehicle mods?
Sorry for bad english...

Marko Bujos (Unknown) 07.04.2015 22:28
I cant compare original tractor and my mod because there is too many differences between them! :(

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 07.04.2015 23:54
The moddesc and xml files are "organized" or "written" by sections. Try to compare them section by section

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