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How to can I insert forestgrass my map?

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Created10.04.2015 22:34

Ibrahim Koyun (ibrhmkyn) 10.04.2015 22:36
I want to add forestgrass layer for my map. How can I insert to my map?

I was copy and paste codes and files to other map. But not working.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.04.2015 08:27

you have to edit the map.i3d file a texteditor and add the corresponding entries to enable the additional layer.

I guess you will find a HowTo for that somewhere on the net.

Maybe here: or here:


Cassidy Habermann (Unknown) 14.07.2015 07:46
I dont think that was what he was asking.. every one knows you have to edit the map to do something ... the ? is how do you do it in the editor?

Google is NOT your friend when it comes to Giants editor

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.07.2015 08:37

you can't do it in the Editor itself.
You have to use a texteditor to add the additional layer(s).


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