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Created11.04.2015 18:10

Joshua Sutton (Unknown) 11.04.2015 18:13
hi guys

can somebody explain how to create tip points and dtermine the fruit type accepted as i would like to add a chaff, straw and grass tip point so these can be tipped near the cow pastture on farming sim 2015. i cant find any information anywhere on how to create one and install one into the game so that it will work.

all help would be greatly apprectiated

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.04.2015 08:30

this topic is discussed in the modding tutorials.
You might want to buy them? ;)

In the end you just have to edit a "TipTrigger" to make it accept other fruitTypes.

But the "animal husbandry" for cows allready has two triggers which accept chaff and grass.
Straw is accepted by another trigger which is used to fill the stable with straw (if the stable is filled with straw your cows will produce manure).
So, I wonder if you really need more triggers.
The existing triggers might be enough?


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