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Problem with Export i3D file?

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Created12.04.2015 19:33

Marko Bujos (Unknown) 12.04.2015 19:33
So, there is a video. Can you tell me what is the problem? Im trying to to make "woodcutter" with this Crane. Is it possible without scripts or somthing like that? :/
EDIT: Ok, i solve this problem, but is it possible to change "Arm" from posse to crane?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.04.2015 08:33

what do you exactly wanto to do?
can you pleas explain it in more detail?


Marko Bujos (Unknown) 13.04.2015 09:00
Okay. I want to copy the crane "cutter" from Ponsse to this mod for tractor. Ponsse is too big for my map. So i want to make mod which do exactly like ponsse, but its smaller and able to attach to tractor.
I hope you understand me. :)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.04.2015 08:01

ah yes, I do understand you :)

Well ... that's not an easy task, because you have to pay attention to a lot of things.

First you have to export the crane/arm of the ponsse (you can use "Export with files" in GIANTS Editor for this) and import it into the new vehicle/mod.
If you do it correctly all texture files will be hierachhically in/below the root folder of the new mod.
You can check that after you have saved your new mod by opening the i3d file with a texteditor and analyze the paths to the textures.

As soon as the first step is done you have to set up the xml file ...
That can be a tuff task ... lots indices, deep hierachies, etc ....
But you could always refer to the original ponsse and see if the object of the arm which you have exported is referenced in the xml file of the ponsse.
If so, you have to adjust the xml of your new mod ...
It's really not done within half an hour, I guess ;)


Marko Bujos (Unknown) 14.04.2015 13:47
Thank you Emil!

There is how its looks like in giants editor. So am i done now with Giants Editor?
Now that XML file... I am bad with programming, so i hope i need just to copy codes from pomsse XML to mod's XML. But the question is, what to copy. I have tried this crane in game without XML changes and it doesnt work... Completly useless.. I try to make somthing with XML but i dont know what exactly.

Thank you once more and i hope you can help me to make this mod. :)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.04.2015 08:00

jup, that looks OK so far.

Well ... which values you have to copy from the ponsse xml can't be explained in a few lines ...

But I can give one or two general thoughts.

- you have to add the "woodHarvester" specialization to your mod (in the modDesc.xml you can define a new 'vehicle type'

- first I would try to make the arm controlable (in the default vehicles we use a visual and a physical part, but that's not important at first)

- when the arm is movable you can add the values/options for the woodHarvester specialization:
see the xml of the scorpion from line 389 to 416 .... cutNode, cutLengths ..... harvesterSounds

You don't need to be able to script to accomplish it.
But you have to be aware of the xml attributes and set them accordingly.


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