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Created15.04.2015 15:27

Aad Kemp (Unknown) 15.04.2015 15:40
Hello Mr. Emil Drefers,

You most of the time give the answer look our video tutorials.
But i did that before i asling questions.
Not always our GE on the PC does what the video shows.
I want an acre rebuild to gravel or something.
I see in your video tutorial for instance that you have in the dropdown menu of
Foliage Layer Painting, 'stones' in the menu.
Not by mine GE.
So my question,how can i remake a field of wheat for instance, into cobblestones?
It wont work in my GE,
Some places in the field does show cobblestones but not the whole field.
What do i wrong?Or works GE not always fine?.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.04.2015 08:44

there a few things you have to take into consideration:

- before you paint textures on the terrain you have to remove the crop/fruit and the "terrain detail" layer completely

- when painting textures on the terrain by using the "terrain detail texture paint mode" you have to remember that you can only paint four different textures per terrain chunk.
A terrain chunk is visualized by the white lines (respectively rectangles) on the ground.
There are also stats to show you which textures are currently used by the chunk(s)


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