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GE Crashing

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Created16.04.2015 03:14

Jesse James (Unknown) 16.04.2015 03:16
Everytime I try to open FS 15 map in I3D format GE freezes and says (Not responding) and then closes. But it will open FS13 maps with no problem??? Whats going on

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.04.2015 08:47

are you using the latest version of the GE?
Please try it again with the newest version.

One thing which might help is to start the GE first and load the map afterwards.


Jens Berg Olsen (Unknown) 16.04.2015 09:58
I had the same problem, but after updating my graphic drivers things are now working again.


Jesse James (Unknown) 16.04.2015 18:19
How do you update graphics driver? I have a laptop idk if that makes a difference

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