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I3D increasing size issue

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Created25.11.2009 22:55

Lukas Guhl (Unknown) 25.11.2009 22:59
Hi Giants team!
I got a big Problem. Everytime I save new changes on the i3D file of my Model it´s size increases dramatic, when i checkt it it already have been 73mb. I really don´t know why it happens, the only thing i did was a new window.png texture and i added alphaBlending="true" when i was using a
So please help me

Thanks MF390

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 26.11.2009 09:48
Hi Lukas,

In which application did you add alphaBlending="true" and window.png?


Lukas Guhl (Unknown) 26.11.2009 15:34
so if you mean in wich program... the windows.png is created in photoshop... and the i3d is edited in notepad++

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 26.11.2009 17:04
Hi Lukas,

Did the size of the i3d increase from notepad++ or GIANTS Editor?


Lukas Guhl (Unknown) 26.11.2009 19:16
no just from the giants editor... so today i did some tests.... i took an older backup of the first ingame verion, opened it and saved it and it increased 0.2mb and if you do it 10 times it increases nearly the double size every time, i asked mr.f if he has the same problem and he has it too, so it has to be an bug in te i3d.
i finally reconverted the model and i´m not sure if it works now.... i would say yes, but i will test is a few more times, that i can be sure! but thank you for the support

Mfg lukas

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 26.11.2009 19:39
Hi Lukas,

Can you send us the i3d file that increased to twice the size if you save it 10 times with the GIANTS editor.


Lukas Guhl (Unknown) 27.11.2009 18:52
ok i´ll look to find the crappy file cause i overwrote it :-| but i think somewhere on my pc i got it
-bigfarmer145 told me he has a map with the same problem.

so shall i send you the file on the support email@dress ?


Luca Braun (Bigfarmer145) 27.11.2009 19:15
hello Guys!
Yes I think Chritian knows it. Its a Map from Flymaster. The problem was wheather when some elements was deletet or small thinks was addet, the large of the Map would be bigger and bigger (at the end 280mb yet). We gaved it up to find the problem and take a old save.
When you are interested on it ask me or flymaster (Rene) from Modsource-Team.


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