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Created31.05.2015 23:13

Kyle Singleton (Unknown) 31.05.2015 23:16
Every time I try to open Giants editor it says in a box

Error: Could not init 3D system
Shader Model 3.0 is required

please install new drivers.

Every time I hit ok the hole program shuts down.

How Do I fix this?
I Have never used Giants before.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.06.2015 03:45
It's just what the error message says: the GE wasn't able to open the graphics system.
Maybe you could try to install latest graphics drivers, but perhaps your GPU isn't suitable at all.
Notice: the GE runs on OpenGL, on DirectX it won't. And your GPU must support shader model 3.0 at least.
If you have an older laptop with internal GPU, your chances are quite bad.

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