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Created08.12.2009 20:50

Andrew Asche (Unknown) 08.12.2009 20:51
Is there a way to export the materials when you export an .obj file from an i3d? I can't seem to see how it's done, and it would be much easier than adding all the textures back (This particular object has at least 40..)


Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 08.12.2009 22:32
Hi Andrew,

I added the OBJ export to the editor to create ground objects like streets on top of a map in MAX and Maya. Thats why there is no material info in the exported OBJs.


Andrew Asche (Unknown) 09.12.2009 02:21
Ah, alright. Thanks.

Ryan Herzog (TwistedGA) 25.05.2013 04:21
Since we have a need to fix countless UV errors on almost all mods in order to port them from 2011 to 2013, what are the chances of getting a version of the editor that will export the materials, Christian?

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