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Created14.06.2015 00:38

William Louis Schweer (Unknown) 14.06.2015 00:59
So I have created many new fillVolumes and I have ran into a problem, that is weird to me and I do not understand what is going on. I make my shapes in Maya and I have gotten many to work, but only if kit has more then one landing or edge (see picture 1 and 2) it will not load. I Have this shape in picture 1 installed and will not fill (show up). I change to the shape I created next (picture 3-4) I gave it kind of an edge or landing, but it makes the grain load not as clean as I want for my trailer (shape edge). So how can I get my shape like picture one but fill. The first shape to create the lower part were the grain will unload from is an extruded face then scaled to the proper shape I needed.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.06.2015 09:10

you should always try to use a form which is as simple as possible.
If your first shape works try to make it more complex step by step.
As soon as it does not work anymore you will know what the problem is.

The algorithm tries to walk along the steepest path (starting from a vertex at the top of the shape and ending at a vertex at the bottom of the shape), so it might be necessary to adjust the triangulation manually.


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