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Horizon clipping issue, Z Far Plane camera

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Created17.12.2009 22:35

Rene Monsees (Unknown) 17.12.2009 22:55
We┬┤ve a clipping problem with the sky box. Well, we have built a map where the terrain is two times higher at the standart map of ls09.

here a screenshot of the error:

I hope you can help me, because it is a Modcontest Map ;-)



Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 17.12.2009 23:08
Hi Rene,

The Z Far Plane of the cameras are maybe to low. Try to increase that value. But you have to change that value for all cameras.


Rene Monsees (Unknown) 21.12.2009 14:28
Hi Christian,

yes, the problem is the Z Far Plane Camera, but not of the map, but of the vehicle mods (Tractors = all cameras).

Thanks for help

Greetz Rene ;-)

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