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deformNode's in GE fillVolume

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Created15.07.2015 05:13

William Louis Schweer (Unknown) 15.07.2015 05:18
So I have been working on improving my new fillVolume shapes and I was looking at other in game equipment and saw that they have deform nodes in them. I have done a few trailers and just now saw these. So my question is how do they affect the fill? does it help to make it more smooth or to make give the engine more information to create a better fill? Any information on this would be great, I searched around and found nothing on these new nodes.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.07.2015 08:33

the fillVolumeDeformNodes are used to stretch/compress/deform the fillVolume in its length.

In some trailers the fillVolume needs to be compressed during discharge.
"kroegerTAW30" is a good example for that case.

So the deform nodes are placed on top of the fillVolume directly at the vertices of the fillVolume.
When the discharge animation is played they will be moved by the animation and by this deform/compress the fillVolume.
But only its geometry, the visual appearance (granularity of texture) will stay the same.

Finally, one tip: try to insert some edge loops into your fillVolumes.
Not too many, but a few can help to improve the visual appearance of the fillVolume.
You can also see that in most of the default vehicles.


Will Schweer (Unknown) 31.07.2015 06:12
So The loop splits did help with removing sharpness from the fillvolume so thanks for that. I was not sure if I needed a new thread for this, but it is on the same lines. Looking at more of the trailes and noticed that the height nodes are in different places. I have seen some on the top of the trailer and some just a short distance between them at the unloading gate. So I have played with them moving them and did not see any difference in the shape filled. So my question is what do the height nodes control and what can do with them?

Thank you for the response above and the help I am working on making a tutorial on how to make the new fillvolumes and install. I want to ensure that I do not leave any information out of the video.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 03.08.2015 11:06

the fillVolumeHeigthNodes only check the height of the fillVolume at the position they are placed at.
This information about the height is used to scale the particleSystems/-effects during discharge.

If something is unclear or if you need more information, just ask ;)


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