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Created22.07.2015 16:14

Master Saygo (Unknown) 22.07.2015 16:26
I bought the GE Video tutorial. Have got as far as creating a working map. Used map02 as template. Am now expanding the cow pasture. Have removed field 20. Had the video playing on monitor 2 as I created the additional NavMesh. Did it all the way though. Step by step with video. Looks like it should in Editor. Start new game. Now I get an endless loading. Log file is showing 100's of errors relating to NavMesh (Warning: Invalid triangle cooking data for 'planterBoxRound'.) No error relating to cow NevMesh. Had the cow NevMesh highlighted when I did the create NevMesh. Everything step by step with video. Yet in the editor I see a new NavMesh has appear at bottom of list on left. This did not appear in the video. So what's going on? Giants video tutorials are as bad as their choice of 3D rendering programs. Hope someone in the community has an answer.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 22.07.2015 16:57

you wrote "as I created the additional NavMesh".

Please pay attention, you can only create one navigation mesh per animal type!

If the navigation mesh appears at the bottom you did something wrong.
The navigation mesh should be replaced.

The tutorial shows exactly what you have to do.
Please follow to the tutorial exactly (step by step).

Cheers and good luck,

Master Saygo (Unknown) 22.07.2015 20:22
I was following to the letter. Was adding to (extending upon edge of) existing NavMesh of cow pasture. Doing just as video, except for cow, not chicken. Using box 0 as stated in tutorial for cows. 2 being sheep, etc. The video shows that the NavMesh your extending is highlighted in list panel, did this except highlighted cow NevMesh. Then created NevMesh window. Set distance to 1.2, set cul to 0 in both places. Hit creat NavMesh. As I stated, had the video playing on monitor 2 while doing, so was able to stop and start video as I completed each step. And in the GE it looks right. Here are 2 screen captures. The first shows cow Nav highlighted and the creation window shows the setting. Then hit create. The second is after created and close window. Notice cow Nav still highlighted and at bottom of list a Nev has appeared. Again, DID step by step with video.
Capture 1:!O1VXAKxR!O65cyAdORFZDg8lsWF-KLq_fL14I8jzyU7YQkX3nWsM
Capture 2:!Kl9BzZhY!U1_uDMT2aD--x-m3exAaXa0ePCxtXoDP1QgTZ24btzM
Hope this gives better understanding of issue. Have already put a lot of time into this map. And only about 1/2 way there. Thanks

Master Saygo (Unknown) 23.07.2015 00:21
New note: I decided to delete the NevMesh that appears at bottom of list. When I did, the other NavMesh I added to existing NevMesh was still there. Saw no changes to what I did. So with that Nav deleted. Launched game. Started new game. Opened map. It loaded within 2 min. Was able to go to pasture and see changes to fence. Won't know about Nav. till I put some cows in there. I also opened a back up copy I made prior to doing Nav change. Made a new copy of it. Opened in GE and repeated the Nav mesh steps. After create was done. There was a Nav at bottom of list. So this is repeatable. Don't know what that Nav is, but it obviously was creating the loading issue. So deleting it is answer. Going to try this with sheep pasture and see what happens. Will let you know. Will also let you know if cows use new pasture area. Thanks
PS: Using GE 6.0.3 x64 for FS15.

Michael Hudson (Unknown) 23.07.2015 22:34
0 for cows 1 for sheep 2 for chickens.

Master Saygo (Unknown) 24.07.2015 00:54
Your right Michael. I just wrote it wrong. Also found where the issue was. And Emil, your right in being VERY careful with detail. As I followed the video and got to part where new (added to) NavMesh is created. I was hitting "create" This was joining the new with existing, as it should. But was also creating a "new NavMesh" of area I was adding. That is what was happening and why a new NavMesh was being created at bottom of list. I am not the one who solved this. My 14yr old daughter did. She got me into helping her create this map. She wanted to duplicate our cattle ranch. After we watched the video together, she spotted my error. Outsmarted by a 14 yr old AGAIN. So why am I helping her, when she's smarter than me! :} Now all we have to do is figure how to turn cows into steer. I got no problem with turning bulls into steer, but cows. Thanks all for any and all input.

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