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Cotton add to new map farming simulator 2015

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Created23.07.2015 16:53

Jeff Goerig (Unknown) 23.07.2015 17:00
I download a starter map. I wanted to add more fruits. I found cotton from another map. I studied it, and I follow the paths, I link the Lua, mod description,huds, and the density gre. And I follow an old tutorial.

When i open up the editor, cotton is not in there. I went back over and over. There are a lot of fruits in there except this. Can anyone tell me how can I resolve this issue. Map making is harder than what it seems.
All of this is running the current editor and I am using farming simulator 2015

Any advice would be greatfull

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2015 08:16

well, I would start again from 'scrratch' (the state the map has been in before the addition of cotton).

Before you add scripts etc you should try to make the cotton work in your map.

Therefore I would start to the entry for cotton from the map which you use as a source.
Copy that entry into a new text file.
Now comes the tricky part ... you have to find all references (to materials and files).
Just copy them to the new text file too.

Before you put the content of the new text file into your very own map you should replace the ids (fileId, materialId, etc) with values which are currently not used in your map.

So the trick is to use the text file as a listing of what you really need to insert into your map and adjust the Ids, which is very crucial.

When yoo open your map with the GIANTS editor please always have a look at the 'scripting window' which also prints error/warning messages.


Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 09.09.2015 17:04
why would cotton continue to grow after harvesting? in other words if you do not plow or sow again it will grow back, ive looked for information in the foliaglayer menu where the cotton is added but could not find a fix, I have changed growth stages and such but no avail

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.09.2015 18:54

seems like it has soem attributes like grass.
Please compare the attributes between grass and wheat (also the way how the fruit is registered via script) - maybe you will find the error this way.


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