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Created25.07.2015 14:13

Ole Porse (porse17) 25.07.2015 14:19
Hello, i am working on a map, and i have some problems with painting with plants fx wheat or grass. i have resized the map, so it is 8x8km. i have resized the textur files. i link to an picture of the issue.

Master Saygo (Unknown) 25.07.2015 14:50
Not sure what issue you're referring to. I looked at map. The only thing I notice is that your planting a field that isn't tilled yet. Or is that the issue. It is tilled but not showing as?

Ole Porse (porse17) 25.07.2015 21:43
i cant plant the plants further then that border, i can see them if i am far away, but not close to them

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.07.2015 07:49

how did you resize the map?

If you scaled the .png / .grle files, did you also scale the fruit_density.grle?


Ole Porse (porse17) 27.07.2015 14:27
i have resized all the png files, and i dont know how to resize the grle files

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.07.2015 14:42

there's a .grle to .png converter in the download section of the GDN:

Please have alook at the "Editor section".

The tool is a command line tool, but fairly easy to use.
An example showing the usage is shipped with it.


P.S. The conversion from .png to .grle is done by the GIANTS Editor as soon as you save the map.
P.P.S Pay attention to the method used for resizing the files in your image editing program. (nearest neighbour is the one you want to use)

Ole Porse (porse17) 27.07.2015 14:47
i have tried it, but i wont convert the fruit_density

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.07.2015 08:08

it will convert a .grle file to .png

- download the converter
- extract the archive
- edit/open (but not execute) the file convertSample.bat and try to understand how the converter has to be used


Ole Porse (porse17) 28.07.2015 13:57
do you know how big the file has to be, when the map01dem is 4096x4096?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.07.2015 08:18

the map01_dem.png should have a size of:
2*n + 1

2*1024 + 1 = 2049
2*2048 + 1 = 4097

For all other files please feel free to check their size in the default condition and duplicate it.
e.g. fruit_density: 4096 -> 8192


Ole Porse (porse17) 29.07.2015 13:12
i meant 4097x4097, my bad. i will try it

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