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Created30.07.2015 07:25

Mike Prpich (Pirps19) 30.07.2015 07:27
I'm working on adding some lighting to my buildings, first question i have is there way to get the lights to come on and stay on once it gets dark or do the only show up once you get close to them. Also my vehicle lights won't work once i get close to the buildings i do have lights on now. How do i fix these issues thanks

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.07.2015 09:05

for buildings you could use a user attribute which is called "Nightlight2".
If you have a look at the default maps you will surely find it.
But this is not meant to work with 'real lights', because the number of real lights is limited.
This user attribute (or rather the script which the attribute is linked to) only switches the visibility of objects.

Depending on your graphics card there are only one or two real lights active/visible on your vehicle at the same time


Mike Prpich (Pirps19) 30.07.2015 17:25
ok thanks, i actually figured it out right after i posted this, i had the range set to high so basically it seem that only certain lights would show up depending where i was on the map. I decreased that value and they all seem to work great now.

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