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Created05.08.2015 21:37

David Hinton (Unknown) 05.08.2015 21:43
Hello, I am currently trying to convert a 16x map that I made for Farming simulator 2013. I played many hours on it for over 2 years. Now I am trying to convert this map to FS 2015. I have gotten all my textures, foliages, fruits, and objects imported. However I am having a problem getting GE to recognize any density file that is over 2048x2048. All of the crops appear within that 2048x2048 box, but anything outside up to 4096x4096 will not appear and I cannot paint these textures. All objects (buildings, roads, trees, and terrain) appear just fine, it's only the foliage that will not show up. Is there a fix for this?

Also on this same note, I used houses from Farm Simulator 2011 (default village houses) in this map. Unfortunately these use a Color Shader. I was able to convert this shader for 2013, but for 2015 this shader is no longer used. There is a Car color shader, but for some reason it turns the houses black. I can adjust those colors but the original house texture never appears.

I'd appreciate any help on these two issues.

Jameson T. Feterl (Unknown) 09.08.2015 21:50
Giants? Have you read this yet? I am converting my 16X South Dakota map to FS15 as well.

Please respond, I am having the same trouble with paining foliage outside the 4X area.

The funny thing is, my GRLE still shows foliage outside the 4X area. But when its loaded in GE, you can not see it.

I have not checked yet to see if the foliage loads in game. That will be my next experiement.

David Hinton (Unknown) 10.08.2015 01:46
It doesn't show up in game either.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.08.2015 08:44

before things start to get confusing let me try to set up a list which gives steps to reproduce the problem:

- scale up map01_dem.png to (4097 x 4097)
- scale all _weight.png to (4096 x 4096)
- scale all _density.grle to (4096 x 4096) (after converting the .grle to .png)

Is that correct?
If not, what are the exact steps to reproduce the error?


David Hinton (Unknown) 11.08.2015 13:14
Basically that about sums it up. I took the same .dem, weight and density files that I used for the map successfully in FS 2013 and brought them over to the new map in FS 2015. Neither GE nor the game will recognize any folliage outside of the 2048x2048 area in the center of the map however.

We've even tried expanding the density files to 8192x8192 but still nothing shows up outside of the 2048x2048 box. I got to thinking that it may be a limitation in the foliage shader files but I haven't the slightest clue on how to read them.
If you need I can take a screenshot of this, but along the 2048x2048 edge, it seems as if all the foliages that are supposed to be outside that box are bunched up, with a few random ones thrown in. Example is that sometimes I'll open up the map and I'll get corn, grass, and withered soybeans all bunched up around that border.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.08.2015 08:32

so after having a look at the file sizes I realized that the afore mentioned sizes are wrong ;)

So, let's start from scratch ... and use the default map as an example and for testing purposes.

Use the default sizes and just scale up the map01_dem.png to 2049 x 2049.
Now you should have a map which is four times as large as the default map.

If you're not happy with the accuracy of the foliages or anything scale the according files.
But only scale one file at a time so that you can realize at which point the problem occurs.

When everything works in the modified default map have a look at your mod map and try to find the differences.

I guess this way is a bit cumbersome but it gives you the best insights and should reveal the problem(s).


David Hinton (Unknown) 12.08.2015 19:16
The problem is, we want a map that is 16 x's the size of the original! Which would be 4097x4097. The problem is also not with the accuracy of the foliage, it's the fact that GE and the game will not read the foliage file beyond the 2048x2048 size even if the file itself is 4096x4096

Jameson T. Feterl (Unknown) 12.08.2015 20:48
Emil, I think both of you are getting confused.

We are talking about a 16X map, not a 4X.

Use these sizes:

Map_dem 8193x8193
Foliage density 8192x8192
Weight map 8192x8192

After using these sizes you will see there is no foliage growing between the 4x and 16x boundaries.

So within the 2048 area there is foliage, but between the 2048 and 8192 area there is no foliage.

I've even tried making my foliage 16384x16384 and that still didn't solve it.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.08.2015 09:05

the default size of the map01_dem.png is 1k: 1025x1025.

So for a 4x map you need to scale that file to 2k: 2049x2049
and for a 16x map to 4k: 4097x4097

While a size of 2k worked for me without problems I got vsiual artefacts with a 4k height map.

Maybe you should stick to a 4x map.
I 'ld say such a map is large enough ... especially if you think about the amount of data which has to be processed, especially in MP.

To enlarge the map further you could increase the "unitsPerPixel" attribute of the terrain (which has to be adjusted using a texteditor)


David Hinton (Unknown) 13.08.2015 13:14
Emil, the unitsPerPixel changes automatically when you load the new textures. 16x runs just fine on my computer with over 182 diffferent items in the vehicles file. But if this issue isn't resolved, I'll just stick with FS 13 and won't buy any future releases from you guys. It's already frustrating as hell trying to re-learn how to mod for this game every two years, and now this is the FINAL straw for me.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.08.2015 07:54

the "unitsPerPixel" attribute does not change automatically.
Or you mean something else than I do.

Changing/introducing limitations is not something we do for fun.
It always has a deeper reason, mostly optimization of performance or visual quality.
But the main principals are the same and lot of stuff can be reused.

From my time as a modder I can say that it has always been fun to try new things and learn new stuff.
I'ld say that this is a main part of modding.


David Hinton (Unknown) 14.08.2015 12:44
Well my unitsPerPixel was already at 2 after I added the 16x map textures to the sample map. That still doesn't fix the foliage problem.

And you must be one of those guys who enjoys modding more than playing the game. As for me, I'd rather be playing. I make mods so that I can play with them, but when it takes 2 weeks and an engineering degree to figure out how to make a wheel raise, or a hitch rotate in the correct direction, or just to get a wing disk to work properly, it's irritating. And it takes a year to get used to a style of script for one game, we get another (maybe) half year to play the darn game, and before it's time to harvest, a new game comes out and it takes another year before everything is converted. It's just plain irritating!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.08.2015 13:44

unitsPerPixel has value of two by default.

Edit the map with a texteditor and set it to 3 or 4, save it and open the Map in the GIANTS Editor.
The world will be larger :)


David Hinton (Unknown) 14.08.2015 14:29
That just makes the map WAY too big. The terrain and ground textures are just fine as they are. The only problem is that the foliage is not being read outside of thee 2048x2048 area. But the terrain and ground textures show up perfectly in the 4096x4096. So far everything works except for foliage. I can't even paint foliage outside of that 2048x2048 area (even though all of the foliage densities files are 4096x4096). When I try to paint, the only thing that shows up is that corresponding foliage's distance texture.

Jameson T. Feterl (Unknown) 14.08.2015 23:45

He is saying that you lower the resolution of DEM and foliage to 1024X1024, and then adjust the unitsPerPixel, which would give you the desired sized map.

However, I tried this and foliage still does not show up outside the 4X area.


Here is some pictures of the problem. Emil please look at these.

You realize your pissing people off saying that a 4X map is enough size. There was a few 16X maps in FS13, mine being one of them, and I can say if I can not convert this map to FS15 due to a foliage limitation, there is going to be a lot of disappointed people.

What was changed in the foliage shaders in FS15 to create this proplem?

Is there any way around it?

Jameson T. Feterl (Unknown) 14.08.2015 23:50
Another Note:

Adjusting the unitsPerPixel does not solve it either, since the foliage is still read in the same place.

Brandon Hintz (hintzconst) 17.08.2015 02:58
The problem is that in the new FS15 foliage shader there is a limit coded into the shader on the distance which the foliage will be drawn. This limit is at the 2048 boundary. I have tried changing this in the foliageshaders to allow for a larger foliage area, but every attempt which I have made has resulted in a crash of the game or no actual change to the map. I along with other german modder's brought this up over 6 months ago, but it seems that the same answers are still being provided that don't actually address the problem.

In FS13 there were no limits until after the 2.0 update and I personally created maps up to 16385x16385, just to see if the game could handle it. These were even tested on servers which ran them. Even after the 2.0 update you could still create larger maps, it was just more annoying to do so. The computer wasn't happy running something that large as it would have been a 128x map it was more than capable of doing so, and my computer at that time was a midrange machine. Its sad to see that while the new game may be better looking its far more limited to

Jameson T. Feterl (Unknown) 08.12.2015 22:00

Have you or any German modders found a fix yet?

No one on the American side has.

I hopeGiants releases a patch for this.

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