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Emil, quick GE ?

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Created19.08.2015 13:44

Master Saygo (Unknown) 19.08.2015 13:50
Emil, Quick ?. Just created a custom map. First one. ? is, how do I create categories and add items to that category in the sceengraph tree. Example: tree, want a tree category to put all my trees in as a sub category, etc. Been editing existing maps, never done one from scratch. So far got sun, career start, distant mountains in there and can load into game. Just don't want one VERY long list to scroll through. Thanks

Ismael Artacho Angel (Unknown) 19.08.2015 16:41
Click up in create->transform group, select this transform group and in attribute rename it. After cut and paste all objects that you want in it.

Master Saygo (Unknown) 19.08.2015 23:18
Thanks 4 quick response. Had half figured, didn't think about user attributes to edit.

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