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how fix unstable vehicle?

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Created19.08.2015 16:42

Ismael Artacho Angel (Unknown) 19.08.2015 16:45
Hi, I'm adding some things to a truck, but is now very unstable, even without the latest additions from the patch 1.3. On curved overturns very easily, which factors make it to lie down so fast?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 20.08.2015 07:57

if I do understand you correctly the problem is that the truck flips over during turns?

First point to check/adjust is the "center of mass", which is very important. (Especially the y value is of importance, try to set it a bit above the vertical center of the wheels to get a realistic behaviour)
Also the mass itself plays a big role.
Next you should check the settings for the spring/damper system.


Ismael Artacho Angel (Unknown) 20.08.2015 18:20
No, these adjustments are well.

The car falls on the side to turn.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 21.08.2015 08:03

does the car has a special setup or is it a normal vehicle/tracto with four wheelsr?


Ismael Artacho Angel (Unknown) 24.08.2015 12:32
Hi, is normal, specifically is a truck. Greeting.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.08.2015 07:56

sorry, but I don't know for sure what causes the behaviour (no access to the mod).

So, just an idea ... did you increase the frictionScale?
If so, try to lower it.


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