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need info adding fruittype to cutters

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Created30.08.2015 06:43

Master Saygo (Unknown) 30.08.2015 06:52
Need info on how to add fruit types to combines and cutters. Added a whole lot of fruit types to my map and in testing map in game realized cutters and combines are set for default fruits only. Tried to find online combines and cutters, but none had all types I need. So need to customize default combine and cutters. Thanks.
I think by the time I'm finished with this custom map, I'll have a completely custom game. :}

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 31.08.2015 08:13

one prerequisite for this task would be that you know how to script in lua for FS ...

So, you would need to write a custom script in order to add the fruit types to the combines and cutters.
Or you create several mods out of the default vehicles, which would be way more work and quite cumbersome.


Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 09.09.2015 16:46
Why not download and use the multifruit mods? there is 2 of them you place in the mod folder and you do not need to mod equipment to harvest the fruits

Master Saygo (Unknown) 10.09.2015 02:49
which multi fruits mods are you referring to. I have ZZZ_addMultiFruit, ZZZ_multiFruitModule, ZZZ_ChoppedStraw, ZZZ_compostSoil, ZZZ_greenDirectCut, ZZZ_multiFruit, ZZZ_seed_cleaner.
Also have multifruit overlay mod and FruitFilltypeIconText. But when I try and harvest new fruits it doesn't. Tried harvesting poppy and sunflower. Tried with both corn header and the f41 heads for NH with NH combine. The crop info shows ready for harvest, they have turned black. I downloaded a combine by "Restricted" and with the included cutters was able to harvest sunflower but not the poppy. Again tried both heads that came with mod. Have looked a the lua file of the combine mod and could see the corn header is set for sunflower. but neither header has poppy listed as fruittype. So what do I need to add to my combine heads lua. and modDisc file to make them work. Or give me the name of a mod that will do this.

Master Saygo (Unknown) 10.09.2015 02:56
Emil: I already created a working mod of NH combine with corn cutter and a standard cutter. I only modified fill capacity of combine and adjusted the steering angle. I have the 2 heads in there as well just for convenience. No changes yet. But they are working well with the combine. Have tried copy paste of code in modDisc and lua of Restricted's mod. Got the corn cutter to cut sunflower but still no poppy.

Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 11.09.2015 15:26
Saygo, did you edit the zzz_module so it will know what fruit types go with what type of header?
thats more than likely what the problem is, i have 6 fruits in my map and only use in game equipment to harvest and haul the product. I can show you how if you need me to, catch me on steam as NOR3MSTI or email me

Master Saygo (Unknown) 12.09.2015 00:24
Thanks Ron: I have not modified any mods except those I do. If I need to edit them, then yes I do need more info. As I understood these mods automatically make headers and combines, as well as other equip, able to use the new fruit type in question. When I read the log, it show that it is registering the maps fruits fine. I also see the seed cleaner removing fruits not in use on map. So thought that it was on the cutter/combine end, that needed scripting. Will email you soon, let me know then what I need. Poppy seems to be the only fruit not working.
Again, thanks for any and all help with this. Have a lot of time into building this map, and finally have it working perfectly.

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