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Mod black in the editor

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Created02.09.2015 15:39

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 02.09.2015 15:45
I'm editing some fs 2013 default machines. When I export one of them from the 3d moddeling program to the i3d editor it looks fine. But when I edit the i3d file with note++ to add the dirt shader and the gloss map, the light in the editor makes the mod totally black. If I only add the vehicle shader (without the gloss map) the light doesn't "ilumine" the mod. Like if there weren't a light in the editor. Is there any razon that this could happen?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 03.09.2015 07:42

this happens if you want to use a normal map on the vehicle but did not set up the usage of the normal map in the 3d modeling program correctly.
You have to asssign the normal map to the respective material in your 3d modeling program.


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