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Career Start Point starts underground after editing map

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Created04.09.2015 12:39

Gaby Gaby (Unknown) 04.09.2015 12:58
Hi Emil

After editing my map with a few new building and roads my career start point starts underground in the game and in gaints editor it is above ground y set to 90, before I edited my map it was an empty map and the career start point showed up fine in the game and the editor, since then l've only added a few buildings, roads to the map and plus worldbounds at the edges of the map, my map has rough tarrain, when I placed the buildings and roads i had to use the replace function in tarrain editing to make an area flat for the buildings and roads also that area was around the career start point where the y axis is set 90, there are no errors in gaints editor and fs log.

I've tried combination of settings in y box from 0 to 100 nothing works.

Is their something l'm doing wrong??

Help needed here


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.09.2015 14:06
Hi Gaby,

hard to say ... but somewhere there must be an error ;)

So, eventually an imported building has replaced your normal career start point?
You can check that by opening the map with a texteditor (n++ is recommended) and search for "Mission00.onCreateStartPoint" ... the object with this user attribute defines the starting point for the player.

In the end you could also try to place your starting point again.
I would recommend to do the following:
- select the transformgroup which represents teh starting point
- use the shortcut "Ctrl + B" and click on the place of the map where you want to start (this place the transformgroup "place" where you have clicked)
- now lift the starting point just a little bit
- test it ...

Hope you can find the mistake - good luck!


Gaby Gaby (Unknown) 04.09.2015 22:40
Hi Emil,

Your suggestion number 2 solved my problem, my Start Career Point shows fine now in FS2015, many thanks your advice and help.

Much appreciated.



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