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Created24.09.2015 21:48

Damien Jam (Unknown) 24.09.2015 21:51

I have a problem recently with giant editor, a light difference on my map =>

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.09.2015 09:03

is this spot somewhere near the a border of the map?
Does it also appear ingame?


Damien Jam (Unknown) 25.09.2015 15:22
hi Emil,

look at the image to see an overview =>

it did the same in the games

when I move the camera the problem disappears =>
after move the camera =>

Damien Jam (Unknown) 25.09.2015 17:20
I just find the problem, I removed a "light" on my map and everything is ok

sorry for the disturbance, have a good day

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