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Emil, a simple ?, request

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Created26.09.2015 08:37

Master Saygo (Unknown) 26.09.2015 08:43
Emil: Simple request. Can you suggest to the webmaster of this site to set up so topic categories can be created. I believe this would help everyone. It would reduced double postings, it would make it easier to find answers to issues. And I bet it would cut your reply load in half. Just look at the topic list. It's a mile long. Just a suggestion. Unless you like having to repeat yourself daily. :}

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.09.2015 08:27

you're right.
This forum needs an overhaul!

But thanks for underlining what I think about all the time!


Master Saygo (Unknown) 02.10.2015 08:25
Well, at least there is the cut\paste option. Helps avoid writers cramp a little. Thanks for all your great input.

Yannik Zausig (Unknown) 03.10.2015 10:20
Yes, you're absolutely right, but why did you write this in Editor section? To underline your wish - ;-).
But what happens if many people create topics which all mean the same? You would need to have a look over all. And you'll have to paste some topics or their content to other topics.

Good thing: Maybe no more posts that all mean the same.


Master Saygo (Unknown) 07.10.2015 00:34
Since post was directed to Emil. I think Emil knows why I posted here rather than another area.

Yannik Zausig (Unknown) 09.10.2015 17:15
Please stay calm, I didn' want to get an argument with you.

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