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Can't export or import i3d files

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Created26.09.2015 14:15

Henrik Bjork (henrikbjork98) 26.09.2015 14:17
Hi, I have a problem with my Giants editor 5.5.2 64bit.
I cant export or import anything, all the editor says is "error while loading i3d file", I have re installed the program but this not either works.
Why is it like this? it has worked before!

I really want to solve this problem so please help me.

Best regards. Henrik Björk

Master Saygo (Unknown) 26.09.2015 18:44
Are you trying to edit FS13 or FS 15. If FS 15 then you should update the editor to newest version. (6.0.3)
Also, please give more relevant details. Hardware specs, OS version, type of i3d file your trying to import (is it a map or object), etc. And quote any error message being given by editor. Your ? is unanswerable without details.

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