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GE 6.0.3 slow down and freezing

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Created24.10.2015 17:50

Max Spatz (Unknown) 24.10.2015 17:54
When I load a map or object the GE works fine. But if I zoom in or out I can not click on an object to highlight it. I have to wait a long time and only then can I move it. If I zoom again, the same thing happens. The GE freezes constantly and I can not work properly. Until recently, everything was good. I have set the settings on low, nvidia settings specially adapted for the editor and try other things ... no chance.

System: AMD Triple Core 2,2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, GTX 750 Ti 2 GB, Win7 x64
Latest drivers are installed !!! OpenGL is successfully loaded !!! No log errors !!!

Max Spatz (Unknown) 27.10.2015 10:43
No one can help me? I think I asked at the wrong place .....

Detlef Boevers - GIANTS Software 28.10.2015 21:54
When you please write which Map you wont to load, we will see?
If you look in the Log of GE you can see the Errors of the Map or anything else.

Max Spatz (Unknown) 29.10.2015 11:46
It does not matter which map or object is loaded. It's always the same problem. The log of GE is error free and the scripting area shows no problems. I am three steps back with Nvidia driver versions. Unfortunately, no success. I had to reinstall my PC, but after that the same problem.

I have no idea what it could be. Never had any problems since LS13 and the GE.

Max Spatz (Unknown) 01.11.2015 08:47
Problem solved !!!!!

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