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Problems with potato/beets/woodchip storage and pda image.

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Created28.10.2015 20:34

Karma Muscle (Unknown) 28.10.2015 20:43
I'm working on my first ever map edit and things are going great. It's just an edit of the Westbridge Hills map.

I accidentally deleted the potato, sugar beet and woodchip stacks (the ones that grow as you fill them up), the tip triggers and the conveyor belts.

How would I go about creating them again?
Tried using google to find a tutorial, but all I get is mods.
I've spent some 50 hours so far changing the map, would really prefer not to start over. :)

Another thing is the PDA map.
I've done a lot of changes to fields, buildings and roads. the default one is just wrong now.

I got one solution from google,
which is to create a camera in 0,0 and the put 2000 units up in the air and face it down.
Creating the camera is no biggie, but what am I supposed to do after that?? :)
The post mentioning the trick has nothing about that and it's years old.

- Karmamuscle

Phil Good (Unknown) 28.10.2015 22:52

Getting your stacks, tiggers and conveyer belts back is easy peasy.

1. Open the original Westbridge map (the one located in the directory where you have FS installed) in the GE.

2. Find the transform group named "poleBarnPotatoesSugarBeets" in your scenegraph. (Clicking on the building itself in the viewport will speed up the process of locating it in the scenegraph).

3. Select the transform group "poleBarnPotatoesSugarBeets". (This will select all the objects related to/ in that transform group, such as the triggers, the stacks, the building itself, etc.)

4. Go to File -> Export Selection with Files... and then export the files to the folder where your mod is located. (For example: .../FarmingSimulator2015/mods/modMapSDK/map/)

GE will throw you some errors about how it failed to export some files, this is simply because you already have these files in the folder, so don't worry about that.

Anyways, now you should have at least two .i3d files in the map folder; the map itself that you're working on, and the poleBarnPotatoesSugarBeets.i3d. If you want you can try opening the latter in GE simply to make sure that anything didn't go wrong with the export, by checking to see if you get any errors or not.

5. Now open the map you're working on and go to File -> Import... and select the poleBarnPotatoesSugarBeets.i3d.

6. Just repeat these steps for the conveyors, as they are seperate transform groups.

You should now have everything you need, the storage barn along with all the triggers and what not, so feel free to delete the remainders of the original storage barn.

When it comes to creating a PDA map I'm afraid I won't be of much help, as I'm currently working on my first map as well, and have yet to come to the point where I need to start creating the PDA map.

However I do believe you're on the right track, 'cause I have also somewhere, at some time, read something about simply opening the map in GE, move the camera to a fixed height, face it downwards, and then move it around while taking several screenshots which you later stitch together in something like Photoshop to create a large, seamless, somewhat detailed PDA map.

Hopefully this helped you out, if not then feel free to let me know and we'll take another crack at it.
Happy mapping!

- Steuermann

Karma Muscle (Unknown) 29.10.2015 10:19
Steuermann, thank you!
It worked great, can't believe it was that easy.

Phil Good (Unknown) 30.10.2015 01:21
You are most welcome Karmamuscle!
Glad I could be of assistance.

- Steuermann

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