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Problem with traffic Splines

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Created04.11.2015 14:54

M. Klein (Unknown) 04.11.2015 14:55
I have a problem with traffic splines.
I have done everything as it was explained to me in the video but the splines are still visible in the game.
What can I do?

Gonimy Vetrom (Vasilius) 04.11.2015 21:35
Set Visibility of transformGrup "splines"= falce

M. Klein (Unknown) 05.11.2015 14:20
and what I have to do the traffic on the road is?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.11.2015 18:02

please stick to the hierachy as in a default map.

Or have a look at the new video tutorials.
They explain what is needed to create splines for the traffic.


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