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Created06.02.2010 10:10

James Grimmer (Unknown) 06.02.2010 10:12

I got a problem with the editor, when I open it up on my main user, the side menus like Scene Graph and user attributes are not there and every thing is messed up, it doesn't load anything up, I've un-installed it, and then reinstalled it but that did nothing, but when I go onto a different user its fine, its really annoying that i have to change user just to make my map or edit a tractor or something, so can any one help with this issue, I can send pictures and stuff..

As I said I re-installed many many times.

Any help will be appreciated

Best Regards

James Grimmer (Unknown) 06.02.2010 10:27
Problem Solved:

Went into C:\Users\James\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor 4.1.2

And opened editor and deleted the line that says window lay out.

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