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Help with doors please

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Created23.11.2015 03:39

Brandon Eckert (kritterkreek) 23.11.2015 03:42
Okay so here's my problem I have marhus mast pack installed so I have fat cow, lambs,sheep on my map and when I did this the doors to these buildings worked fine....but when I added another different kind of beef and pigs from another map with the files those doors no longer work anyone have any ideas why? Can I some how change them all out to the animation map trigger if so how? Tried multiple times and doors still don't open .....error log is clean no errors for this hence why I'm asking for help if you need more info about it please ask I would like to resolve this problem..... Thank you!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.11.2015 09:15

maybe somebody else can help you.
But as a GIANTS employee I can't help with mods.

One way and probably the best way to get help would be trying to ask the author of the mods directly.


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