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How change value silage in BGA

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Created13.12.2015 16:17

I. Artacho (Unknown) 13.12.2015 16:19
Hi, I'm trying to change the limit 20,000 set in the BGA silage for discharge, but can not find where to change it.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.12.2015 16:24

by default there is no user attribute to change that, but the script checks for such an attribute nonetheless.
So you can change it.

+ select the object which creates/loads the BGA script
In the default map this is called "BGAFAcility"
You can check if you selected the correct object by having alook at the user attributes ...
there should be one called "onCreate" with the value "Bga.onCreate"

+ add the following user attribute to that object:
type: string or float
name: bunkerCapacity
value: what*ever*you*wish

Good luck and cheers,

Ismael A. (Unknown) 15.12.2015 14:05
I do it, thanks for you attention :)

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