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error al salvar mapa

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Created18.12.2015 18:41

José García Romo (Unknown) 18.12.2015 18:41
Abro el editor y simplemente borro un árbol, solo por probar, y cuando le doy a salvar el mapa me da error: "Error while saving i3d file". Por qué pasa esto?? Mientras no sepa que pasa no podré hacer modificaciones en el mapa ni importar mods.... Ayuda urgente por favor....

I open the editor and simply delete a tree, just to try, and when I save the map gives me error: "Error while saving i3d file". Why is this happening?? Until you know what happens I can not make changes to the map or import mods .... urgent help please ....

José García Romo (Unknown) 18.12.2015 18:42
Que rabia me da que nada más empezar ya tenga un problema

That infuriates me just start and have a problem

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 21.12.2015 08:58

please make sure that you are not trying to edit a map which is inside a .zip file.
You have to extract the map first ;)

Second, make sure that you have write access to the folder where the map is located.

Please have a look at our video tutorials and check out how you can create a mod map from an original map.


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