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Terrain Textures won't go away in the squares

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Created11.01.2016 18:06

Shawn Santee (JDNHRAFrEaK) 11.01.2016 18:07

I'm working on a map edit and nearly every area of the map had 4 texture layers in each square and I wanted to get rid of them and paint it all to grass so I can start fresh with new textures.. After I got the squares I wanted to grass, the square would say (For example) Grass [100%], Cobblestone [1%] and other squares would say grass at 100% and others would still have 1% dirt and 1% grass for another example... In the squares where there's still that 1% left, it doesn't matter how many times I go over it with something else it won't go away and has become very irritating when trying to paint new textures as I can only have 4 at a time.

I hope this all makes sense. This is the first map I've come across that has this problem. I've never had this happen since I started playing 2009... I am curious as to if maybe my Hardness, Opacity, and Value settings have anything to do with it? I haven't touched them other than doing some terrain in a different map but I set them back to the default settings.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks. :)

Michael Hudson (Unknown) 11.01.2016 22:13
I think you need to select remove in the attributes window, by adding it to maybe the right mouse button then just remove the ones you don't want in that square.

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