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Map saving error

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Created25.02.2010 20:00

Lukas Guhl (Unknown) 25.02.2010 20:04
hi giants team.
i got the problem, that if i want to save my map after editing an error appears and after this only the texture paths are still in the i3d file, the rest is deleted, i tried to save the map without any editing or moving in the editor and i got the same problem. the basic map works fine ingame, yeah but i i try to modify it it´s destroyed, i also read the other saving issues, but thy didn´t helped me.

thank you


Christian Wieninger (Unknown) 21.03.2010 20:41
hi giants team, i have the same problem. My Sytem is Windows 7 64bit Professional. Can you help for this problem. In this forum can you found more problems from the Editor:



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