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Easiest way of adding roads

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Created13.01.2016 14:54

Tobias Just (Unknown) 13.01.2016 16:11
Hi all,

I'm currently working on a satellite data based terrain map of our neighbor village and I'm looking for adding roads to the terrain.

However, road construction kits are not working here because they are a pain in the a*s already on even terrain. So I kept looking and found a road generator that uses splines of the editor to generate a 3D road. While this is a nice solution for creating complex roads as per your imagination and then adding terrain around it, its not working vice versa. If you got the terrain and must create the road on it, then you have to create splines, align them, create the road, import it, see it doesn't fit to the junctions, change it, export again, create road again, import it again... and so on. It takes ages to make a 100 m road and join it into a junction without looking ugly. And I got 10 kilometer of real road to re-create.

Maybe there is a way to import the terrain mesh into blender, then place the road along splines and export the road along with the terrain?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.01.2016 16:51

you can export the terrain to .obj format.

Next you could import it into blender and build a road ...

But, you can't adjust the terrain in Blender ;)


Tobias Just (Unknown) 13.01.2016 19:05
Hi Emil,

thank you! Nice to hear that this is possible. :)

I was trying to export the terrain mesh in GE as .obj file. (In the settings I set scale to 1 and disabled that catmull mark thingy option because otherwise Blender won't show me meshes). Result is a 300 mb file that takes a minute to load in Blender. First it looks like Blender crashed, but after some more patience it successfully loads the file. I then can see different junks of the terrain in Blenders Scenegraph, but can't see them in the 3D viewport.

So I tried to snap the vertices back to the origin point in the center of the viewport at 0 coordinates, and then I can see a bit of the terrain. However that doesn't help a lot because doing this to all of the junks will just move them into the middle and destroy the entire structure of the map.

I know you guys are busy developing great simulation games and such, but we need more awesome tutorials of yours. :P



Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.01.2016 08:13

300 MB sounds very large to me.

When I export the terrain of a default map (Bjornholm) I get an .obj file which has a filesize of ~25 MB.

Please select the terrain in the GE, then hit "File -> Export Selection"

I can't say much about Blender because I don't use it.
But in Maya the terrain appeared to be all good ;)

What I noticed though is that I had to adjust the camera attributes to be able to see the complete terrain (far clip plane)


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