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Anyone know how to add gloss to wheel rims?

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Created09.02.2016 19:01

Callum Williams (Unknown) 09.02.2016 19:02
I was just wondering how would you add gloss to wheel rims?
I am editing a JD 6210R, I have made the rims black but it would look super cool in glossy black, if this can't be done I'll change them back to JD yellow :D

Thank you for reading!

Paweł Leśniak (Unknown) 13.02.2016 11:05
only way i think is to add specular map to model, look on youtube any tutorials on how to make specular map.
its very easy and simply. just making another texture file from diffuse and make it black and white and add to rims material as specular color.
Remember that white color represent that what gonna be glossy and black not.
Sorry for bad english but i think you gonna understand.
Im doing this in 3ds max i dont know how it work in blender or any other program.

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