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Texture layers not available in the editor

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Created13.02.2016 06:08

Andrew Jones (Unknown) 13.02.2016 06:11
Am editing a map and there are only three textures available in the texture layer drop down list, these are: rock, gravel and cobblestone.

any help you could provide on how to add the other layers back into the map would be extremely helpful. i need dirt and was hoping to use the forest dirt and leaves textures that i have had available in other maps that i have edited.


Paweł Leśniak (Unknown) 13.02.2016 11:10
hello im gonna ask here too.
Dont want to make new thread.
How many textures i can add to terrain that i can use them.
And how can i do this?\
I got all original textures but i want add some more different for more variety of terrain painting.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.02.2016 08:17

@m1sf1t: if you are diting a mod map, we probably can't help you that much.
It depends on what the original author of the mo dmap did and if there are any references to more textures in the map.i3d

You can add an arbitrary amount of textures.
But you can only use four textures in one 'chunck' (these white squares ;) )
In order to do so, you would have to open the map with a texteditor and add more texture layers, materials and file references.


Pawel Lesniak (Unknown) 15.02.2016 10:19
Ok im gonna try.
Thank you very much.

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