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Mod map is missing textures ingame

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Created15.02.2016 13:13

Man Mor Ri (Urano45) 15.02.2016 13:16
Hello, after editing map with giant editor when you enter the game are still textures erased.
Can you help me to correct the problem? Many thanks to a greeting!!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.02.2016 08:01

if you import an object into your map you have to pay attention to the file paths of the textures.

The textures must be located hierachically in the map.
Tip: copy the i3d, which you plan to import into the folder of your map.
Afterwards you can import the i3d into your mod map.


Brian Blake (Unknown) 08.03.2016 03:06
I have a similar problem, I am operating windows 10 and using giants editor v6.0.5 I have watched many instructional videos and followed all instructions completely. If I export an object from one map and import it into another map, in game the object is white, same goes as when I use a downloaded mod to install in a map with giants editor, after doing all instructions the object is white, I have no idea how to correct this, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
P.S. A very detailed explanation would be very much helpful

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 08.03.2016 07:50

basically the answer is just one post above your question ...

It's all about 'file paths'.

- you downloaded a mod to your harddrive and extracted ... D:\myMods\building.i3d
- your mod map is in C:\whateverPathYouWish\map01.i3d
- if you import the building to your map directly -> problem! (the textures do not get copied automatically)
-> solution: copy the building with all its textures to (the file base of) your mod map first and import it afterwards


Brian Blake (Unknown) 08.03.2016 07:58
ok so let me ask you this, for example I have a map which I want a tree from to put on another map, please tell me exactly what to do, maybe the videos I watch on how to do it are outdated or people on youtube are too high because I follow exact details and does not work, thanks again

Andrew Jones (Unknown) 09.03.2016 04:17
first create a folder called tree on your desktop.

open the giants editor and the map that you want the tree from and select the tree. the go to the file menu and export selection with files, in the dialog box navigate to your desktop and the folder called tree, save the file here and call it exported_tree.

now copy the folder from your desktop to your new map folder, i suggest that you use the existing models folder and create a new folder called imports and paste your tree folder into that, so the path would be map\models\import\tree

now open your map and choose import, navigate to the models\import\tree folder and select exported_tree.i3d and the model will appear in your new map with the correct paths.

hope that helps

Brian Blake (Unknown) 09.03.2016 19:04
that worked!! thank you very much, awesome!!

Brian Blake (Unknown) 10.03.2016 05:51
ok so I don't know how to start a new thread I don't see anywhere on here to start a new one so hopefully someone reads this.
I want to know how I can delete a pre_existing plowed, buyable field so I can change the terrain to asphalt so I can place buildings on it. too many fields on my current map and no place for things I want to add. Please give detailed instructions. thank you very much

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 10.03.2016 07:50

please have a look at our video tutorials. There is at least one chapter about terrain foliage editing.


Brian Blake (Unknown) 10.03.2016 07:57
yes there is but nothing on how to remove a field that has to be bought and is plowed and ready for sowing
I can change terrain on everything on a map except the fields you plant crops on

Andrew Jones (Unknown) 19.03.2016 01:13

using the terrain foliage paint mode, in the foliage painting window, and the foliage drop down, select the terrainDetail layer and uncheck channel 0. ensure that there are no tick marks in any of the boxes. this will deleted the painted texture for the field.

if it has crops on it do the same thing on each of the fruit layers affected. select the foliage layer and uncheck all of the channels.

there are plenty of youtube videos on how to paint fields, you just need to search for them, farmerYip does a good tutorial covering the subject and he also has one on terrain as well.

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