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No show crawlers in game

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Created17.02.2016 12:21

Ismael A. (Unknown) 17.02.2016 12:23
Hi, I modified the T6.160 with crawlers, but I don't know because crawlers cann't show in the game.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.02.2016 07:45

please check your log.txt, there might be some error/warning messages.

If you did not edit the original i3d the crawlers can't be loaded (and linked) because the nodes
0>2|0 and 0>3|0 do not exist.


Ismael A. (Unknown) 18.02.2016 23:28
yes exist, I created both, for use 0>2 and 0>3 for nromal wheels in same i3d.

The log.txt is clean, no show error or warning.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.02.2016 08:14

ah ... didn't notice the vehicle type ;)

You need:
<vehicle type="tractor_crawler">

to load the crawler specialization.


Ismael A. (Unknown) 19.02.2016 18:47
Was that, thanks :)

A greeting.

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