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Alpha blending and shadows

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Created12.03.2016 19:08

Kamion Matris (Unknown) 12.03.2016 19:10
If I apply alpha blending (in editor, for example on tree), then the object wont cast shadow. Is it somehow possible, to use alpha blending and still have objects cast shadow?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.03.2016 07:09

if you have a look at our default trees for example you willl notice that the 'leaves' are not fully opaque.
There is some light shininh through them ... so they support transparency but also cast a shadow.

Please check your settings and especially the material attributes.


Kamion Matris (Unknown) 23.03.2016 18:24
Yes, but leaves have not Aplha Blnednig turned on. =)

Unknown 13.12.2018 15:26
I can confirm if alphaBlending="true" is in a <material> tag the texture will NOT cast a shadow. I have to explicitly make the chainlink fences materials not have alpha blending so the chainlink texture can actually cast a shadow.

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